Shipping Information

Note that for photo orders we must receive photos on the same day as the order for the original delivery estimate to apply! Please add one day for each additional day to get the photo to us.

  Regular Arrival (approx)   Express Arrival on or before   Overnight Arrival on or before
USA $4.50 Wed, 12 Jul  $11.75 Mon, 10 Jul  $33.75 Thu, 6 Jul
Canada & Europe $8 Thu, 20 Jul  $38 Thu, 13 Jul  N/A N/A
International $8 Wed, 26 Jul  N/A N/A  N/A N/A

How long does it take to produce a book?

Processing time for regular orders is 7 business days, Express within 4 and Overnight within 3. After that the transit times depend on the mail service. The table above shows the estimated combined production + transit times for the 3 speed levels

Note that Regular shipping times are approximate and can vary. The above estimates are typical values, however occasionally transit times can be longer. Express and Overnight shipping use a guaranteed mail service and are therefore quite accurate.

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