With the new custom photo option Customized Classics takes the personalized book genre to new heights. Imagine your book with YOU on the cover

New! Free regular shipping in the USA/ Canada with every photo order!

How does it work?

During the checkout process select the photo cover option. After completing the payment process an email message will be sent from with the order number; reply to this email with your picture. If you don't have a picture handy you can also mail us a photo and we'll digitize it and send it back with the book. If there is a problem with the picture we will email back, otherwise you may assume the photo was suitable.

Note that although we will do minor cropping to fit a photo on a cover we cannot do touchups, blemish removals, special effects etc.

What is the cost?


Does the photo option affect shipping estimates?

For photos emailed the same day as the order (we run on EST, GMT-5) there is no change to the delivery estimate. After that, please add one day for each additional day that it takes to get the photo to us.

What size and aspect ratio should the picture be?

Picture size: as big as possible! Proportions: approximately 2 x 3 (Width x Height). The photo should be clear and it's best to use something with an uncluttered background and with the subject filling about 2/3 of the frame with some allowance for a waste area. The resolution should be at a minimum 400 pixels wide. Pick a good photo — don't use your driver's license!

What other guidelines are there for photos?

The following apply:

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