Personalized books and novels  

Unique personalized corporate gifts - step far beyond pens, clocks, t-shirts and mugs!

Instead of yet another round of the same tired old corporate gifts that quickly end up collecting dust, employees and customers really appreciate a personalized gift that makes them feel like they're special!

Customized with your company logo - and how about a special message from the CEO! A gift idea that is sure to create a buzz and be passed around and seen by others far beyond company doors.

Make company meetings or corporate retreats truly stand out with personalized gifts.

Leave a strong impression with a customer you won't be seeing for an extended period - ideal for realtors.

Contact us at for questions and inquiries. Significant discounts are available for large orders. Photo option is free when ordering more than 10 copies of the same book!

Some ideas for unique corporate gifts:

Customer appreciation - a great gift at holiday time for your real estate, car dealership, doctor or dentist office, or gym

Holiday parties - customized books starring the CEO as Holmes, Zorro, Tarzan - or Alice or Anne

Employee of the month - a personalised book with a photo cover to show your appreciation

Corporate Alliances - give your company partners a memorable customised book starring them

Advertising agencies looking for unique ideas

HR consultants seeking new ways to boost employee satisfaction

Executive retreats

Boss Gifts

Appreciation or Recognition Gifts

Employee Days

Secretary's Day








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